“I always wanted a whiter smile but was worried that if I had my teeth whitened they would look fake and silly. When I spoke with Dr. Little about it, he assured me he could help me get a natural white smile that wasn’t over the top. Now that I have had Tooth Whitening I am so glad I did. My teeth look healthy and I smile lots, lots more! Thank you Dr. Little!”

Sarah, Portland, Oregon

“In my younger years I never took care of my teeth, so when my tooth feel out at sixty, I thought that was it. Then my wife Maggie made an appointment with Dr. Little and when she came home she told me all about Dental Implants. I was skeptical but with a little hoaxing I went along and met with the Doctor. I now have 3 Implants and feel great. During the treatment I was sedated so I didn’t feel a thing and now I can smile wholeheartedly again and not scare my grandkids. I feel like my young self again.”

Bill, Portland, Oregon

“Kelsey’s teeth look great! Thank you all so much for the patience, understanding and compassion you’ve given Kelsey. We’re all appreciative of what you’ve done.”

Best Regards, Dave

“For all you have done for me. Thank you very much.”


“Dear Dr. Little and Staff, Just a short note to thank you for the excellent personal service and care you provided on my behalf. My intention is to continue to be a permenant client / patient etc… in the future. Thanks again for the personal attention.”


“Steven Little has been my dentist for 15 years. He and his associates have provided to me the highest quality care I could imagine in an affable and friendly atmosphere. When needed, Dr. Little’s referrals to other dental practitioners were equally so, along with professional support when appropriate. To all staff members - who have afforded me the luxury of retaining my 80-year-old teeth with which to chomp an apple and chew on a cob of corn - my sincerest thanks.”

Helen, East Portland

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