“Dear Dr. Little and team, Both Lee and I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful care that you have provided us over the past five years. You have turned two former “dental phobics” into two people who love to go to their dental appointments… well, almost love to! Your office staff is always professional and on top of issues, and is proactive in looking for ways to perform work more efficiently. We know that our residents also feel this way about your office, and that is why we can both recommend you with confidence. Thank you again for restoring our smiles and peace of mind. We truly do appreciate all that you and your staff do for us!”

Bill and Lee

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make my smile the best! Even though I complained about it alot, it was all worth it.” Thank you!


“Dear Dr. Steven J. Little - and Assistants: It has been a few months since I completed rather extensive dental work with you, treatment so involved that it took several months to complete. Yet, I find myself compelled to write this letter because of one ironic outcome - I actually miss my visits to your office! Never could I imagine I would write such a statement to a dentist, but I am doing that for several reasons. First, I want to acknowledge my appreciation of how you approached your initial assessments of the multifarious dental problems I presented and how clearly you explained to me the treatment options I could choose from to resolve my dental issues. Indeed, the affable touch to your professional side unexpectedly rid me of my ambivalence towards dentists and dental work. The initial assurance was a constant in every visit. Second, I want to compliment your assisting staff for the office environment they provide: it is notably people-friendly and respectful. Of special note is the decorum the staff shows one another. Your office expresses a welcoming and helpful atmosphere. Finally, thank you not only for your professional expertise and advice but also for your deft ingenuity: my dental issues were complex as well as extensive. Nevertheless, your repeatedly found ways to achieve perfect resolutions. Again, I surprise myself when I admit to looking forward to my next cleaning appointment.”

Sincerely, Shirley

“Thank you for making my teeth look so good! I love them!”


“Dear Dr. Little, Thank you for giving me the brightest smile ever!!! All the best!”

Lora (and Klaas)

“Dear Dr. Steven Little, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation for the excellent dental treatment you provided to me. Getting a new smile has really done wonders for my self-esteem, and has made a big difference in my life.” With warm regard,


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